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Walmart hands over 14,100 intermodal containers to J.B. Hunt, leveraging their logistics expertise in a strategic move.

This strategic move signifies Walmart’s departure from the intermodal transport sector, as it transitions its container and chassis fleets to J.B. Hunt. While financial details remain undisclosed, this operational shift underscores Walmart’s commitment to streamlining its supply chain by capitalizing on J.B. Hunt’s logistics expertise.

Initially launched in Southern California in 2018, Walmart’s venture into managing its intermodal operations aimed to enhance supply chain control and efficiency, culminating in this pivotal partnership with J.B. Hunt. With J.B. Hunt set to expand its intermodal container fleet to 150,000 by 2027, Walmart stands to benefit from the increased efficiency and potential carbon footprint reduction, as truck-to-rail transportation presents an eco-friendly alternative.

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