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Ohio’s “super loads” are set to journey from Manchester to New Albany, transporting components for Intel’s new facility. Some loads weigh up to 900,000 pounds and will require 8-15 days to arrive, with Ohio State Highway Patrol escorts and potential roadblocks.
The journey of these super loads will commence from the docks in Manchester, nestled along the picturesque Ohio River in Adams County. From there, they will embark on an epic trek to Licking County, with projected arrival as soon as Wednesday, March 6. Transported by semis, these loads will be carefully escorted to their destinations in New Albany or Hebron, where they will play a pivotal role in the development of the Intel semiconductor plant.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, some of these colossal shipments will tip the scales at an impressive 900,000 pounds. They boast dimensions of 19 feet in width, 24 feet in height, and an astonishing 270 feet in length. Each shipment is estimated to require between 8 to 15 days to complete its journey, with Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers providing crucial assistance along the route.

Ensuring the safety of both the shipments and fellow road users is of paramount importance. While no official closures or detours are planned along the route, intermittent slow-rolling roadblocks may be implemented to facilitate the smooth passage of these super loads. These precautions are essential to minimize disruptions and maintain the integrity of the transportation network.

The arrival of these super loads heralds a new chapter in Ohio’s transportation landscape, underscoring the state’s role as a hub for industrial development. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the successful delivery of these oversized shipments to their destination, further fueling the growth and prosperity of the region. Stay tuned for more updates as we follow the journey of these remarkable super loads to Intel’s new facility in New Albany.

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