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A trucking school in Burlington abruptly closed its doors, leaving students stranded without warning. Some students found themselves without a CDL license or a refund.

Shelly Critchley, a truck driving student, expressed her frustration, stating she feels stuck with an uncertain future. She had aspirations of obtaining her CDL and pursuing a career as a licensed truck driver. However, when she arrived for class at Cross Country Truck Driving Training School two weeks ago, she discovered signs announcing the closure. Critchley and others felt helpless as their hard-earned money and time seemed wasted.

The owner of the facility, Pamela Day, became entangled in a legal battle with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, resulting in the revocation of the school’s certification to conduct CDL testing. Court documents revealed that the NCDOT petitioned to revoke the school’s certification following an incident in the summer of 2022, where a school employee falsely passed a CDL applicant without administering the test. Further investigation uncovered additional instances of fraudulent testing by the same employee.

Despite Day’s efforts to defend her certification in court, the NCDOT’s decision was upheld, leaving the school without accreditation. Critchley, who invested over $5,000 in the training, now finds herself empty-handed.

Critchley hopes for a resolution that allows her and fellow students to complete their testing elsewhere. She also wishes for her friends to find alternative schools to continue their education and pursue their career goals. When contacted for comment, Day declined to provide a statement.

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