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Truckers boycotting New York expressing their dissatisfaction with the recent civil fraud judgment that fined Trump over $350 million.

The initiative, led by trucker Chicago Ray, gained momentum after he shared a video on social media stating that some truckers are refusing to transport goods to New York City. In the video, Ray mentioned conversations with several drivers who indicated their plans to halt deliveries in protest of the ruling issued in Manhattan Supreme Court last Friday.
“I’ve been on the radio speaking with drivers for about the past hour, and I’ve talked to about ten drivers… and they’re going to start refusing loads to New York City starting on Monday,” Ray said in the video posted on X.

The situation quickly escalated, leading many truck drivers to join the boycott. Truck drivers handle approximately 70% to 73% of all freight transportation in the United States. That’s why when discussions surface among truckers on social media regarding plans to boycott shipments to progressive-oriented New York City, it warrants significant attention.

On Monday Feb 19 trucker Chicago Ray removed a video urging fellow truckers to boycott New York City following a court ruling that barred former President Donald Trump from conducting business there for three years due to a fraud case.

In a post on X, previously known as Twitter, Ray explained that he deleted the initial video after it gained widespread attention and strained his relationship with his grandson.
Ray clarified that he hadn’t personally advocated for a boycott but rather shared what he had heard from other truckers, advising New Yorkers to brace for potential shortages.


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