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Ex-NFL player Shaq Thompson traded touchdowns for trucking, founding Good Run Logistics. Motivated to avoid financial pitfalls post-football, Thompson’s venture into the trucking industry was fueled by a desire for stability and long-term success.

Shaq Thompson has dedicated a significant portion of his life to teamwork. The seasoned linebacker recently wrapped up his ninth season in the NFL, all with the Carolina Panthers, where he was drafted in 2015. However, his focus now lies on building a different kind of team with Good Run Logistics, a trucking company he heads as CEO. Thompson aims to secure his family’s future beyond his football career, steering clear of the financial pitfalls often associated with retired athletes.

“Everybody says, ‘Oh, athletes go broke when they’re done with football,’” he said. “I didn’t want to be one of those guys who ends up going broke trying to live a lifestyle that I can’t keep up anymore.”

Inspired by former teammates Kyle Love and Woodrow Hamilton, Thompson delved into the trucking industry, exchanging insights and experiences with them. Within a year, Thompson said he was ready to establish his own company and team after being introduced to eventual business partners — Shaquille Dixon and Samuel Murphy, both with extensive backgrounds in heavy-haul trucking, to establish his own company and team.

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