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The electric Semi, with a competitive total cost per mile of $1.26, emerges as a cost-efficient alternative compared to its diesel counterpart, which incurs $1.51 per mile. Although the initial investment for the 300-mile Semi exceeds that of a diesel semi by approximately $30,000, Tesla positions this as a strategic move. The company argues that significant operational savings, particularly in maintenance and fuel expenditures, will offset this initial disparity.

Tesla confidently asserts that owners of the Semi can expect a two-year payback period, emphasizing the tangible financial benefits that accrue over time. The promise of “$200,000+ in fuel savings” serves as a compelling incentive for businesses looking to make a long-term, economically sound investment in their transportation fleets. In essence, Tesla’s pitch revolves around not just the immediate costs but the substantial and sustainable financial gains that the Semi offers throughout its operational lifespan.

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