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We are thrilled to announce that Quality Wheels Inc., our family-owned logistics services provider, has been recognized as one of the top 10 trucking companies of 2024. This prestigious acknowledgment is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the success of our valued clients.

Magazine Article By: Logistics & Transportation Review

Unleashing Transportation Excellence for Business Growth

In an era where reliable transportation services are the backbone of business success, Quality Wheels Inc. stands out as a trusted partner, empowering clients with unparalleled transportation solutions. Boris Agababian, our esteemed CEO and founder, emphasizes our role as problem-solvers in the logistics space. We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and providing professional, safe, and reliable logistics services tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

A Decade of Dedication and Expertise

Established in 2012, Quality Wheels Inc. has become a household name in the logistics industry, offering a full spectrum of asset-based freight transportation, 3PL, and warehousing solutions. Our expertise spans national, local, and over-the-road transportation of various freight types, complemented by warehousing services such as trans-loading, cross-docking, and re-stacking.

Our excellence is rooted in the fusion of robust technology, unconventional approaches, and distinctive leadership perspectives. Boris Agababian’s management experience across different industries has allowed us to break conventional norms and foster continuous innovation, as evidenced by our purpose-built solutions suite that enhances reliability, capacity management, and visibility.

Technological Advancements for Seamless Operations

Quality Wheels Inc. leverages cutting-edge technologies and advanced equipment to address concerns related to delayed deliveries and cargo safety. Our well-maintained fleet, equipped with modern sensors, upholds the value of road safety that defines our business principles. Additionally, we utilize telematics, geofencing, real-time notifications, API integrations, and EDI systems to offer clients better visibility into shipment progress, enabling them to live-track their consignments.

Client Success at the Core

Committed to the success of our clients, we drive cost-effectiveness by consolidating shipments for less than truckload deliveries. Our commitment goes beyond standard services—we establish drop trailer pools, allowing clients to load and unload at their convenience, minimizing idle time for drivers and optimizing efficiency for both parties.

Meticulously Selected Drivers and Data-Driven Growth

Our cadre of meticulously selected drivers complements our service excellence. We employ a stringent driver vetting and training process to minimize breakdowns and guarantee reliable, on-time delivery. Quality Wheels Inc. adopts a data-driven approach to client engagement, offering insights and proposing adjustments based on consignment-related data. Our team conducts periodic comprehensive data reviews, going beyond traditional client management to ensure mutual improvement.

A Unique Approach to Client Needs

Our distinctive approach enables us to accommodate all client needs. A recent success story involved delivering an unconventional solution to a client facing shortages in rail and container availability. By replacing traditional containers with rail box cars and establishing a warehouse at the rail’s destination, we streamlined local distribution through trucking, ensuring significant savings for the client. This success is attributed to our strategic relationships with warehouses and carriers.

‘Always Do Good’ Ethos

At the core of our ethos is the principle of ‘always do good,’ fostering a personal and supportive environment to drive growth. As Quality Wheels Inc. continues to expand, we remain dedicated to supporting clients and their projects with utmost proficiency, dedication, and professionalism.

We extend our gratitude to our clients, partners, and the entire Quality Wheels Inc. team for their ongoing support. This recognition inspires us to continue delivering excellence in transportation and logistics, driving success for our clients and contributing to the industry’s advancement.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

The Quality Wheels Inc. Team

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