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Look no further than Quality Wheels.

At Quality Wheels Inc., we are focused on providing our clients with dependable and reliable shipping services. However, “Quality” shipping goes beyond just moving shipments around the globe.

Cross-docking? We can help with that!

In trucking, cross-docking is the act of transferring and loading a shipment from one carrier directly to another without hardly any storage in between the arrival and departure of the shipment. Essentially, cross-docking is shipping minus “storage”.

At Quality Wheels, our cross-docking services stand out in part due to our highly-qualified, trustworthy, and dedicated employees that we have working at our warehouse location in Schaumburg, IL. Our employees will help make sure your shipment is quickly, safely, and effectively transferred from one trailer to another at no risk to the goods themselves.

Restacking? We got you covered!

Sometimes, while being moved across America, goods can move around in a trailer, container or even off the pallet and become out of order and disorganized. Restacking is the process of re-aligning and re-organizing freight that has shifted or fallen during transport.

This is another service where it’s important to work with a team of qualified shipping professionals. Organizing a load is hard work and requires experience and understanding of various cargo types in order to properly reassemble or rework the freight.

Our team has over 40 years of experience in the industry with all types of freight (floor loaded dry goods, refrigerated loads, even heavy machinery and equipment on open deck trailers), we are qualified and very dedicated to keeping the supply chain moving with dependable and efficient restacking services.

Transloading? Say no more!

Transloading is the process of moving a shipment from one method of transportation to another, like moving a shipment from truck to rail, or truck to van. For goods that are required to travel a long distance in a short period of time, transloading happens all the time.

At Quality Wheels, we will transload your shipment for you. Our team of dedicated, reliable, and experienced shipping professionals will help you keep your shipments on-time and safe, wherever it’s headed.

Why choose Quality Wheels Inc?

There are many options to choose from for shipping and logistics needs in our industry. Quality Wheels aims to be the most reliable and trustworthy shipping company out there. If you’re in the Chicago or surrounding areas, consider choosing Quality Wheels as your home for logistics, warehousing, cross docking, restacking and transloading needs.

We pride ourselves in helping you: CDL drivers, business owners, owner operators and freight brokers. Our mission is to provide excellent services for both our commercial truck drivers and customers, so if your destination is all the way across the nation or just local to Elk Grove, Joliet, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Bensenville, Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Lake Zurich, Palatine, Prospect Heights, Rolling Meadows, Wheeling or maybe you are just passing through Illinois from neighboring states like Wisconsin, Indian, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, then maybe consider using our trucking services.

We pride ourselves to be equipped and ready to handle any problem that needs to be solved. Our warehouses are manned with quality personnel and tools to do the job. Our secondary location has heavy duty forklifts and overhead cranes to handle bigger jobs and container swaps from one trailer to another.

What’s next?

Call us today at +1 847 457-0990 to speak with one of our highly qualified and experienced logistics specialists about your next warehousing, cross-docking, or shipping job. We will make it our mission to help you effectively load, unload, and ship whatever your business requires and your heart desires.

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